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Power Flushing

Power flushing can improve your heating systems efficiency.

Professional Power Flushing

Wizard Gas Services are able to provide our customers with a professional and cost-effective power flushing service. We are able to carry out a power flush for both old and new heating systems. By having your system power flushed you can save up to 25% on your heating bills.

A power flush is a quick method used to quickly and effectively remove the build up of sludge from your central heating system. By having your system power flushed you will be able to protect your system from future build ups.

At Wizard Gas Services we have many years of experience within the trade and we can quickly and efficiently clear your central heating system, helping you to maximise it's effiecency whilst saving you money on your heating bills.

What is a power flushing?

Power flushing is the most effective method used to clean a heating system. The process involves forcing water and chemicals around the heating system at high power to remove the build-up of rust, corrosion and other deposits. As deposits are loosened the water becomes dirty and is pumped to drain and replaced with clean water and corrosion inhibitors.

We set up the power flush machine do that the water flows from the system through a magnetic filter which then collects up all the iron oxide sludge before it reaches the boiler. Whilst this process is being carried out we monitor the radiator surface temperature and record this information on our customers record sheet, the condition of the water is then guaranteed for a year.

power flushing

What are the benefits of a power flush?

By having a power flush carried out on your heating system you can quickly improve your central heating’s efficiency along with reducing your fuel bills. This service is hassle free and causes no mess to your property.

If you would like further information on power flushing then please visit our sister site Power Flush Wizard.


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